Fazbear Storage was a small project but quite terrifying in real life. Over the spand of 3 months 3 games almost done. I had no true motives to make it. Just support from people. It clearly is a good thing when you put uo a trailer like video on youtube, because it gave me about 4 subscribers (Considering that I only have 25 subs...) 

Now some questions you may have with answers!

Q1. What is your favorite character you made?

A1. Foxy or Mangle, Any foxy actually.

Q2.left or right?

A2. Right.

Q3. What made you make the "Fazbear Storage" series?

A3. Either the actual fan game or um... I don't actaually know what made me do it!

Q4. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you think the lure is?

A4. 42.

Why 42? 

I don't know.