Fazbear Storage 2 wasn't ever actually planed...Fazbear storage was just going to be one "game" but later turned out to have a sequel. This game consists of: B0NN13, -FFFFFF ccccccccccccccccc oikujyhgtfrde ____and M4rri0n3773. Then there are the "the" animatronics; The Freddy, The Bonnie, The Trap and T H E  T R U E  B E A R. The "The" animatronics are a unwithered Freddy, A less withered bonnie then, Springbonnie and Fredbear. This game DOESN'T have cameras because of the player's (Or Jeremy Fitzgerald <3) home. It was origanally going to be like Nikon's "The Joy Of Creation, Reborn" But turned out to be more like WWWario's "Five night at Wario's 3".The technacal map has 6 rooms.