Fazbear Storage 1 conisits of the Salvage Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Golden Freddy and Foxy animatronics, Along with plush versions of these characters and the original Plushtrap. FS 1 also conisist of; The Mangled Mangle, Salvage Springtrap, Salvage BB and The Salvage Marionette, Aswell As the Gen-3 Freddy Bonnie Chica and Foxy. And Un-withered BB and Marionette. Finally Two Animatronics that both are equal to Cookie der cat's, Oc? Fan-game Animatronic? (I didn't remember at the time of typing this) It resemble a tiger or ginger cat. (Again I forgot but I believe it's a tiger XD)  The first game has twenty cameras. It has had A LOT of teasers. And all together it took about four days to finish the teasers, animatronic spawns, and cameras.